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Is it Important To Be Specific?

In a nutshell yes, hugely important.

If you ask for a general referral, for example plumbers who need corporate clothing, then you won’t focus any members attention.

However, if you see a scruffy plumber getting out of his van, you can ask instead for an introduction to “XYZ Plumbers” because you know they might benefit from smartening up their appearance.

In this instance, your fellow members may either know the plumber themselves, or know someone who knows them, or uses them, and so can provide an introduction for you.

Members who are specific tend to receive far more business than those who are not specific.

Sometimes a direct introduction request won’t ring any bells with members, but on so many occasions it will, and that is where it’s power lies.

Additionally, it may be necessary to repeat your targeted request several times across several weekly meetings.

This will have the effect of reinforcing your request in members minds and quite often leads to a successful introduction.

Being Specific Isn’t Possible In My Industry

Of course, different businesses have different target customers, and so it’s not always easy to ask for introductions to certain people, especially if you are targeting the general public.

Very often though it is possible to identify a specific introducer (associated businesses offering non competing services for instance) who you would like an introduction to.

Being specific is a very powerful tool in your networking armoury, so it is well worht taking some time to establish how you can ask for targeted introductions.

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