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I have provided a financial planning service to clients for over 30 years and have had various experiences, in that time, in helping clients achieve their goals.

In essence, I provide financial peace of mind to clients. Working with a client, we can put things in place that will provide a regular income, or lump sum, should something happen that affects their, or their families, ability to meet their financial commitments.

During my career I have seen many situations where my services have relieved the financial stress in such situations.Graham Heaney

These range from a beautician who fractured her finger and was unable to carry out all of her duties, being unable to work due to an accident or illness or have the retirement they picture. In addition how, by using my services, clients and their families are financially supported in times of tragedy.

I have also seen, when reviewing clients existing provisions that they would not result in providing the kind of benefit that they thought they would and have rectified this.

My typical client is one that has a need for some form of financial planning. They may well have never thought about the possible financial consequences that could occur that would impact on their income, families, business, goals and dreams.

By working with them, I can highlight potential areas where they may suffer financially. Sometimes they have existing provisions, which either have not been reviewed or are no longer appropriate. These may not provide the financial security and peace of mind that they thought they had.

I also ensure that any plans are set up correctly, the right monies will go to the right people at the right time and, if possible, in a tax efficient way.

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If you would like to chat about my service or would like a review please do not hesitate to contact me.

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