Davina Farrer – Utility Warehouse Discount Club

I am passionate about making a difference to people‘s lives, whether this is by helping them save a few hundred pounds a year on their bills or changing their lifestyle to earn money they didn’t know they could.

I was introduced to Utility Warehouse by my mum who thought that the savings would help me, and that by introducing the benefits to people I knew, I could earn money around my children whilst they were growing up without having to work for a boss.  I jumped at the opportunity as it allowed me to spend the time I wanted to with my children when they needed me, and I’ve always loved being part of the Utility Warehouse family,

So Basically I help people either save money or make money

Save Money

How I save people money is by showing them how to reduce their overall household expenditure.

This includes reducing their boring bills so to free up more money to do the more important and fun things in life.

The areas we cover are:

  • Phone and broadband
  • Mobiles
  • Gas and electricity
  • House insurance
  • Boiler insurance

Other benefits

We offer our customers the chance to have FREE LED bulbs throughout their house.

Cashback card which gives between 1% and 10% on ALL your shopping in the High Street and online, sometimes more.

Free Gourmet society card giving upto 40% off restaurants, cinemas and days out.

Opportunity to have 10% off their gas forever.

As well as these fantastic services, we are mentioned in the leading consumer magazine for being recommended supplier and Utilities Provider of the Year

Make Money

In addition there is an opportunity to make a difference in people‘s lives by offering them an opportunity to earn an extra £300 to £1000 plus per month plus for recommending our services on a part-time basis.

With the uncertainty around at the moment, how many people do you know who an extra £200 a month would make a difference each month?

To find out more call Davina on (07950) 003140 or visit www.davinafarrer.co.uk

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