The ROOM on ZOOM Until Further Notice The ROOM Business Networking Group is on ZOOM until further notice. Beat social distancing and build your business… no mask required. Build your business, meet with fellow business owners, pass and receive new business opportunities from likeminded, positive local business owners. We meet every Tuesday morning from 7am […]

Bedford Health and The Bedford Hypnotherapy Clinic Sue Wilson runs Bedford Health and The Bedford Hypnotherapy Clinic, offering therapy and training since 1995, helping people of all ages deal with the emotional, behavioural and thinking issues which cause Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Depression and a wide variety of unwanted thoughts and behaviour. She can also show […]

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Financial Planning from HFB Financial I have provided a financial planning service to clients for over 30 years and have had various experiences, in that time, in helping clients achieve their goals. In essence, I provide financial peace of mind to clients. Working with a client, we can put things in place that will provide […]

build your business networking in 2019

Make 2019 Your Year of Change! The start of the year is the perfect time to make changes to your business, how you operate, how you provide your goods or services and how you generate new business opportunities. Business Networking works by connecting you to other local business owners, allowing you to piggyback on their […]

We Need a Florist… Are you an Florist looking for new customers and business opportunities? We have frequent business opportunities for a Florist…… that’s the power of networking. We have new business opportunities every week for Weddings, Funerals, bouquets, business flowers, etc. so if you want more customers and to grow your business, come and […]

A love of language that built a copywriting business Every Tuesday morning, I stand on my hind legs and boom out to The Room: “Good morning! I am Simon Fletcher from Arrowmaker Communications and we are marketing copywriters!” We do that copywriting for accountants, HR consultants, printers, large software corporations and small IT companies, sheet […]

Is it Important To Be Specific? In a nutshell yes, hugely important. If you ask for a general referral, for example plumbers who need corporate clothing, then you won’t focus any members attention. However, if you see a scruffy plumber getting out of his van, you can ask instead for an introduction to “XYZ Plumbers” […]

How To Be A Good Member? Maximising Your Membership Value – Guidelines At The Room, we believe that the more active you are as a member, the more value and benefit the Group will bring you. We know from long experience what constitutes an active member, and this document is designed to give you an […]