John Wilmans Photography - Member - The ROOM Networking Bedford

What We Do

Real Estate - In this highly competative field, high quality images are crucial to your sales and quick turnover of a property. Hiring a professional Real Estate photographer can get your property noticed on the internet and get the enquiries coming in.

I specialise in high value properties but am available to assist in others as well. A typical Real Estate shoot will also include floor plans. The Images I create for your Real Estate listing will attempt to tell the story of the house, letting potential buyers know what to expect prior to making the call to you.

Architectural and Interiors photography - In this specialist field John Wilmans Photography provides top quality images ready for the web, social media or print use. We work with Architects, Builders, Designers and Commerical clients, photographing Homes, Restaurants, Hotels, Retail and more.

Our work is used by Kitchen fitters for advertising brochures, Interior Designers for Magazines or businesses for Annual reports. We can provide images for Social Media which create more of a lifestyle feel, and with our Restaurant and Hotel shoots, we will photograph your food too allowing you to add these to your menus.

Why We Joined The Room

I have been to a number of Networking groups in the past, and my first time at the Room felt a lot more comfortable than anywhere else I had been before. A lot less pressure and people seemed to genuinely want to help each outher.


We are very proud of everything that our members have achieved. There are many reasons why you should come along and have a look at our meetings, but these are the top 5....

  1. Structured but Relaxed

    Ask any of our members why they love our meetings and they will tell you that it’s because we offer real business opportunities, using a proven structure, but without any of the pressures that are often associated with some other networking groups.

    Ultimately our meetings are all about making money for all our members and we wouldn’t continue to be successful and growing as a group if it didn’t work.

  2. Only One of Each Business Represented

    We only allow one business for each trade, or industry, so you will have your business sector all to yourself.

  3. Affordable Network Meetings

    We keep our costs to a minimum while keeping the quality of the meetings, venue and breakfast as high as possible.

    This gives you the best possible return on your investment.

    As a not for profit organisation, all our group funds are invested back into making the group stronger & more profitable for all our members.

  4. Ongoing Educational Business training

    We have a program of ongoing training that covers many different areas of business, from accounting and compliance, HR, marketing, social media, banking, legal etc.

    These training sessions are encorporated into our weekly meetings so our members can learn while they earn!

  5. Money Back Guarantee

    We are so confident that you will benefit from membership of our meetings, we offer a 6 month guarantee.

    If you attend our meetings, follow our training and are an active member of the group, if you haven’t invoiced at least your joining fee, we will give you not just your joining fee back, but the same again!!

    You really can’t lose by giving Networking Bedford a trial…