Build Your Business in 2019 - The ROOM - Networking Bedford

Make 2019 Your Year of Change!

The start of the year is the perfect time to make changes to your business, how you operate, how you provide your goods or services and how you generate new business opportunities.

Business Networking works by connecting you to other local business owners, allowing you to piggyback on their contacts and customers, to build your business, quickly and efficiently.

Imagine a room full of business owners, each of which already has customers and contacts similar to the potential clients you are looking for.

Many businesses share customers, have similar client bases, but without having any conflict of interest.

You can never tell who someone else knows. Their contact list will be different to yours.

Networking for your business allows you access to other networkers contacts.

In The ROOM for example, we make sure that only one of each business type is represented.

This means that any business referrals for your service or services will come to you & you alone.

At each meeting, all you need to do to be successful is to ask for a specific introduction to a business, or business owner that you would like introducing to.

All the fellow members will between them often have the contact details that you need and be able to arrange the introduction for you, building your business in the process.

The Benefits of Business Networking:

  • Piggy Back on Members Contact Lists
  • Multiple Business Owners looking for New Opportunities for you
  • Recommendations Based
  • Word of Mouth is Strongest Way to Build a Business
  • Low Cost
  • Targeted Customer Acquisition
  • Build your network of trusted suppliers

Many local Bedford business owners have found new business opportunities and built their business via business group networking in The ROOM.

Some groups are highly structured and goal driven which can become onerous after a while, while others are not focused enough and are little more that talking shops that generate little business between their members.

At The ROOM we think we have the ideal balance between being a relaxed, relationship oriented group, but one that has the necessary structure to consistently generate new business opportunities for members week after week.

If you are serious about building your business in 2019, come along and see for yourself how our group will help your business in 2019.