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The primary purpose of The ROOM is to give our members new business.

When you join, you will have all our other members working for you as your sales team.

Each member has tens, hundreds, even thousands of contacts to whom they can recommend you and your services.

It is important however to make sure that The ROOM is the right group for you too.

We only allow one business from each sector / niche to become members. This benefits our members in the longer term & will benefit you once you have been accepted as a member.

Unlike some networking groups, we don’t have long lists of rules and requirements, but, if you want to receive the maximum new business from other members of The ROOM (and why wouldn’t you?), it is important that you recognise the need to be an active member of the group.

It’s no coincidence that the more successful members are also the most active.

All we ask when you join is that you;

  • Attend every week (or send a substitute)*
  • Let us know as soon as you can if you can’t attend for any reason
  • Take notes during meetings of who members are asking for
  • Keep an eye out for opportunities for your fellow members
  • Wear your name badge during our meetings
  • Keep your stock of business cards topped up in the members tray
  • Have regular M2M (Member to Member) meetings
  • Be specific in your 60 second presentation

If you do all of the above then you will be an active member and will receive introductions to new business opportunities from our other members

Benefits of Membership

  • You will block any same trade businesses from attending The ROOM
  • Your business will be added on our website
  • You will unlock access to our members contacts
  • You will receive a members pack
  • Subsidised business / networking training
  • Assistance to get you started successfully if you are new to networking
  • You’ll be invited to regular social events we run
  • You will have 4 and 8 minute member presentation opportunities
  • Guaranteed success or double your membership fee back!

How Much Is Membership?

Becoming a member of The ROOM is just £99 per year.

Additionally, there is a monthly Meeting/Breakfast cost of £57 payable by direct debit.

No other fees, no additional costs, that’s it.

If you haven’t invoiced at least your membership fee in the first 6 months as an active member, we will pay you £200! That’s how confident we are that The ROOM will work for you.

Ready To Join?

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* We have a list of substitutes who are happy to attend on your behalf